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I recently moved from Chilliwack to Cambridge and let me just say, they’ve got what it takes to be trusted. Professional Movers, detailed info upon booking, fair price and positive movers. We were very satisfied and will definitely use again.
Isabella, 28, Chilliwack, BC

Thanks for being so nice and friendly during my move last Saturday. I feel so comfortable working with you guys. The move went smoothly and felt so light. You will be remembered for future moves. Thanks!
James, 26, Chilliwack, BC

Good communication is what satisfied me. The representative explained to me everything I need to know. Overall the move went fine and it was less-stress working with Chilliwack Movers. Thanks!
Tim Ford, 35, Chilliwack, BC

Hi, thank you so much for all your help you did for me during my move last week. I am a busy person and its a big thing for me that you helped me a lot in terms of working fast yet handling my things well. The move took only 3 hours. Your movers were so nice and great too. They did a good job. Thanks again!
Jessica, 39, Chilliwack, BC

Id like the head of Chilliwack Movers to know that your movers were so harworking and great. They were kind and helpful with each other and they are working with care. As much as I want them to give a tip, I dont have extra cash the day of my move so I hope this review would help your company. Also, i will be recommending Chilliwack movers to everyone I know that is moving. Thats a promise!
William Stone, 34, Chilliwack, BC


Chilliwack, BC